‘It’s heartbreaking:’ Nearly 100 trees mistakenly cut down in Saanich

'It's heartbreaking:' Nearly 100 trees mistakenly cut down in Saanich

The District of Saanich is upset after a contracting company mistakenly cut down nearly 100 trees earlier this week.

According to the municipality, during the construction of a daycare 93 trees were chopped down at Cuthbert Holmes Park by a contracting company hired to do the job.

The incident happened Tuesday near the G.R. Pearkes Recreation Centre.

Mayor Fred Haynes said the news is upsetting for everyone.

“It’s heartbreaking,” he said. “It’s heartbreaking for the staff, it’s heartbreaking for the daycare.”

The construction of a new daycare in Saanich was supposed to be a good news story, but is now a sad story because nearly 100 trees were needlessly felled, added Haynes.

“This was a big win for Saanich to get this daycare underway,” he said. “It should be a win story, it should be a positive story and instead, we’re mourning the loss of some 93 trees.”

Trees on Saanich-owned property are protected under the municipality’s existing bylaws.

A stop-work order has been issued and possible penalties could be handed out according to the district.


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