‘It was an inferno in minutes’ house fire in Esquimalt had neighbor fearing his house would catch fire too

WatchDramatic new video of a house fire in Esquimalt shot by the neighbour who says he had to jump in to help fearing his own home would catch ablaze.

“It was an inferno in minutes like it was really really scary,” said one neighbour who does not want his name used.

The fire broke out at around 4 p.m. Friday in Esquimalt, and flames engulfed the deck just feet away from the house next door.

At that point, crews had not arrived and the homeowner knew he couldn’t just sit around and wait.

“My dad and I were basically on the side of the house close to the smoke and flames and spraying the side of our house hoping it wasn’t going to catch on fire,” he said.

fortunately, crews arrived quickly and worked hard to douse the flames and put the fire out.

“It actually made itself into the house blew through the windows,” said Cpt. Tory Saladana with the Esquimalt Fire Department. 

The deck where the fire is believed to have originated is torched but luckily everyone made it out safe and there were no injuries.

Saturday investigators were on site to survey the damage and now say they have an idea of what may have sparked the blaze.

“We aren’t sure exactly what caused it we are leaning definitely electrical,” said Saladana.

Saladana says the deck was renovated, equipped with TV’s and other electrical systems which they will be reviewing.

“We’ve exuded a bunch of things but we have to do a bit more work down at the shop and we will be able to get it down to what we think it is,” said Saladana.

And while they cannot say for sure yet what electrical issue it was that sparked the fire. Officials want to remind the public to make sure any electrical work, especially in an outdoor setting, is done properly.

“Any time you are putting electrical outside adding to electrical or what have you should have a qualified electrician look at it,” said Saladana.

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