‘It needs help’: Victoria resident tries to find help for injured Beacon Hill Park peacock

'It needs help': Victoria resident tries to find help for injured Beacon Hill Park peacock

A Victoria resident is concerned about the health and safety of an injured peacock in Beacon Hill Park.

About two weeks ago, Paul Bell said he was taking his daily walk through the park when he noticed a peacock that appeared to be limping.

He said the closer he got, the more injured the bird looked, so he started looking for help.

“I went to the Beacon Hill Children’s Farm and asked them, and she said [the peacocks] are not the park’s responsibility,” Bell said. “Then I called city hall and the parks department, and she was saying the same thing.”

Bell said he then called the BC SPCA and Wild ARC in hopes someone could respond to the limping peacock.

He said a Wild ARC representative told him the organization has a new contract and “we cannot take care of the peafowl, they are not wild.”

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Over the next few days, Bell continued to check in on the bird, adding it didn’t seem to be getting better.

“I found it again, and it’s clearly in worse shape,” he explained. “It was hunkered down by the garbage can, not moving for days. So I started making the rounds of calling again.”

Sunday afternoon, the peacock could be seen hiding in a flower bed by the Rose Garden.

In a statement, the City of Victoria said it was not aware of the injured peacock in Beacon Hill Park.

“Any peacock issues reported to the city would be referred to Victoria Animal Control,” Colleen Mycroft, City of Victoria spokesperson, added in the statement.

When CHEK News called Victoria Animal Control Sunday, an officer said he was also not aware of the injured bird, adding Wild ARC would be the organization to respond.

The BC SPCA has not yet responded to CHEK’s request for comment.

Bell said when he called BC SPCA again, it opened an investigation file for this bird.

He added he just hopes someone will take responsibility for the peacock and ensure it gets medical attention soon.

“It’s found a little spot where it can kind of have some rest, but it needs help. It really does. We can’t leave it like this,” Bell said.

He added he will be visiting the injured peacock, feed it and keep calling for help until an organization responds.

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