Island man claims Canada Post not ringing the bell on package delivery


In an age of commerce and convenience, we all have options when it comes to home delivery. And like many, Rishu Khan’s porch is a landing pad for purchases.

“Being a millennial, all our stuff gets delivered,” he says. “All our stuff gets delivered through Amazon. Everything gets delivered.”

To ensure arrival, he’s taken the day off before.

“When it’s something I’m excited about, like a computer part, I’ve taken the day off to make sure I get it.”

On Tuesday Khan didn’t have to take the day off, but he was home to receive a package from Canada Post.

“I had a flight the next day and I needed the package,” he says. The package was a graduation gift for his younger brother that Khan was bringing to his convocation in Toronto.

While home waiting for the package, Khan refreshed his web browser to check the status. “I hit refresh and it told me that there was a notice card left, and where I could pick up my package.”

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Khan says he’s not the type to “speak to the manager,” but this is the third time he’s had this experience with Canada Post.

“In the five years I’ve lived in Victoria we’ve had hundreds of packages delivered. The only time this has happened is with Canada Post.”

He acknowledges not getting his package is far from a crisis, but it’s annoying as a customer.

“I’m there, I’m tracking, I’m monitoring, and all of a sudden you get a message saying, ‘Hey, nobody was home,’ but clearly I was.

Khan has surveillance video showing what appears to be a Canada Post delivery person walking up his driveway, but he claims no one rang his doorbell. And the motion log from his doorbell camera does not show activity at the time when the slip was left.

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers declined to comment on Rishu’s claims, and Canada Post did not respond to our request for a statement.

The experience got Khan thinking.

“Chances are it might be happening to other people,” he says.

A month ago in Red Deer, Josh Kralka was home to receive a package but, like Khan, got a slip telling him that he wasn’t home and that the package was available for pickup at a postal outlet.

Kralka jumped in his car, and found the Canada Post delivery person a few blocks away.

“He apologized and said, ‘Oh here, it’s in the car,'” and handed him his package.

Khan’s package arrived at a postal outlet 40 minutes later. He’s got it now, along with a bunch of questions.

“This is where I wonder are they on tight constraints where they’re like, ‘I gotta deliver 200 packages in a day,’ and it’s impossible, so they’re having to cut corners and stuff.”

Jordan Cunningham

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