Huge Saturday snowfall blankets communities from Lake Cowichan to Campbell River

Huge Saturday snowfall blankets communities from Lake Cowichan to Campbell River
WatchA massive snowfall hit the mid Island Saturday, blanketing communities from Lake Cowichan to Campbell River under 30 centimetres of new snow. As Skye Ryan reports it presented big challenges for people trying to get around

Armed with snowblowers and shovels, neighbours went about digging Chris Taylor out of his Nanaimo street Saturday.

This after an overnight drop of 30 centimetres of new snow stopped him in his tracks from getting to the Nanaimo airport.

“I have a non-refundable flight at 2 o’clock,” said Chris Taylor.

“You know never travel when you don’t need to in this condition,” said the Nanaimo resident.

“But when you have a non-refundable ticket.”

City of Nanaimo road crews say the snow began falling late Friday night but kicked into high gear early Saturday morning.

“Very early this morning just came down super, super heavy,” said City of Nanaimo Public Works’s David Myles.

“And just accumulated like you wouldn’t believe… so as you can see around you it’s quite significant.”

Crews were out through the night clearing major routes of snow, and trying to clear storm drains. Since the massive melt of all the snow is expected to start right away.

“It’s a lot,” said snowplow operator Chantal Labonte with Acer Landscaping.

“Oh absolutely, I never expected to be this much,” she said.

“If you know you have a catch basin in front of your place,” said Myles.

“Clear that. That’ll help prevent flooding your place as well,” he said.

While the snow switched to rain by late morning, the accumulations were enough to bring down trees and branches on power lines, knocking out power to thousands and keeping B.C. Hydro crews busy all day long.

“Power’s out at my mom’s yeah,” said Philip Marie who was visiting from the Lower Mainland when the storm hit.

So Marie went out four by four’ing and found himself in the right place to be a good Samaritan too.

“I’d recommend staying home,” said Marie.

“The conditions are pretty rough. I pulled a few vehicles out of the ditch today early in the morning and they’re pretty rough,” he said.

But the snow proved no match for good neighbours. Together they helped free Chris Taylor of his snowed in status, in time to catch his flight to Ottawa.

A city that unfortunately is now also under a snowfall warning.

Skye RyanSkye Ryan

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