Hiker found in good condition after going missing in Strathcona Park

Hiker found in good condition after going missing in Strathcona Park
WatchThe man had been trapped on a cliff on Mount Albert Edward for three days, before making his way down to Moat Lake where he made his way to two cabins on an island.
Murray Naswell, 50, after being found on July 8, 2019. The hiker went missing last week.

A Cumberland man has been found alive and in good condition, five days after he went missing while on a hike in Strathcona Park.

Murray Naswell, 50, went into Strathcona Park on Tuesday and camped at Kwai Lake. On Wednesday, he began an ascent of Mount Albert Edward with another couple, who had also camped at the lake.

The couple went back to their campsite but Naswell did not return by Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

Then shortly after 12 p.m. on Monday, authorities announced Naswell had been found in good condition in a cabin on an island on Moat Lake.

Two Campbell River Search and Rescue members discovered Naswell.

“He’s in great condition,” said Campbell River SAR’s Jesse Katz-Tooton. “He did all the right things, he stayed put, he made himself a fire, he made himself comfortable, he dried out his clothes, he did everything right.”

Searchers taking part in the rescue over the weekend had been unable to get to the Moat Lake island due to limited flying conditions in the alpine.

“There was a big fire roaring and our subject was there and it was great. He was in a good spot after a few adventurous days in the wilderness by himself,” said Scott Ballhorn of Campbell River SAR.

Naswell had found comfort, shelter and even some food in the cabins but it had taken him a while to get there after summiting Albert Edward on Wednesday.

“He was on a cliff-edge for about three nights before he made his way down to Moat Lake,” added Ballhorn.

Naswell was brought back to the command centre at the Mountain Centre at Mount Washington via helicopter.

RCMP officers with dogs, search and rescue teams from across Vancouver Island, Salt Spring Island and teams from Pemberton to Chilliwack joined the massive search effort.

Naswell was checked by paramedics but suffered no serious injuries during his ordeal.



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