FREDERICTON — New Brunswick Finance Minister Cathy Rogers tabled a $9.6 billion budget for 2018-19 on Tuesday. Here are some highlights:

— A projected deficit of $189 million, with the projection of a balanced budget by 2021-22, a year later than the Liberals originally forecast.

— The provincial debt will reach $14.4 billion by the end of March 2019, or about $19,050 for every man, woman and child in the province.

— The budget contains no new taxes or fee increases.

— The budget includes $73 million in new targeted spending to support economic competitiveness, youth employment and seniors.

— The Health Department budget increases by 3.7 per cent to $2.75 billion.

— Spending for Education and Early Childhood Development is $1.26 billion — up 6.1 per cent.

— The Tourism Department budget increases by 4.1 per cent to $62.6 million.


The Canadian Press

The Canadian Press