Group concerned about logging beside popular Cable Bay Trail in Nanaimo

Group concerned about logging beside popular Cable Bay Trail in Nanaimo
WatchA group focussed on expanding the boundaries of the Cable Bay Trail park in Nanaimo is now worried about about the logging beside the park.

A group of Nanaimo area residents is concerned about logging taking place beside the Cable Bay Trail, a two-kilometre walk through the forest with breathtaking views of Dodds Narrows at the end.

The group, called Save the Cable Bay Trail Area, has been petitioning the government to purchase more land around the popular trail.

However, recent logging around the trail now has the group worried about the trail itself.

“There are wetlands. There is wildlife habitat and that’s what concerns me the most is the lack of oversight when it comes to logging on private land,” said Jain Alcock-White, with Save the Cable Bay Trail Area.

Those in the group say while they realize it’s private land and that logging can’t be stopped, they want to make sure it’s done properly.

“They had to leave a 15-metre buffer beside the trail. Along the parking lot and the first part of the trail we’re not sure if there have been 15 metres left,” said Jackie Wasyluk, another member of the group.

Wasyluk says the limited buffer in parts could result in winds blowing down the park’s trees.

The group started a petition in January asking the government to purchase land beside the trail and expand the park boundary.

It has more than 11,000 signatures and while talks happened, a deal was never reached.

The Regional District of Nanaimo, which approved the development permit, says it has no concerns about the property.

“As far as the RDN knows and we’ve investigated into some calls that people have been making the property is in compliance with the development permit. We worked really closely with the developer when they made this application and they’ve provided appropriate professional reports,” said Geoff Garbutt, general manager of strategic and community development with the RDN.

According to the regional district, the landowner is unable to log from March 15th until August 1st because of bird nesting season.

It says the landowner was logging for about an hour Monday because of a miscommunication.

The regional district says it’s been told the landowner has now completed most of its planned logging.

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