Get Up and Grow: Beginner-friendly indoor succulents

Get Up and Grow: Beginner-friendly indoor succulents

In this episode of Get Up and Grow, CHEK’s Hannah Lepine and Gord Nickel, president of Wildwood Outdoor Living Centre talk about indoor succulents.

These cute houseplants are great if you’re looking to add some green to your space but maybe aren’t quite ready for something that needs a lot of care.

They survive well inside due to their thick leaves and stems, which allow them to store water for longer. That being said, make sure not to overwater, as this will kill the plant.

Succulents need lots of daylight in order to survive, so place them by a window or door, as our Vancouver Island winters tend to be quite gloomy.

In this episode, Gord and Hannah look at some of the many types of succulents and then plant some in two different potting arrangements.

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Hannah LepineHannah Lepine

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