‘Disgusted’: Posters saying COVID-19 restrictions have ended appear all over Vancouver Island


Fake posters claiming COVID-19 restrictions are over in Canada have been popping up in communities across Vancouver Island recently.

Vancouver Islanders have been sharing photos of posters clearly not produced by any official government agency, falsely stating that as of March 1 “all COVID restrictions” in Canada have ended.

The posters have been spotted throughout the Comox Valley, in communities including Cumberland, Comox, Courtenay, Bowser Black Creek. They have also been spotted in Qualicum Beach, Nanoose and Gabriola Island.

“We the people of Canada are now back in charge of our lives as of March 1, 2021, as Canada returns to normal life. All businesses are to return to business as usual, removing all COVID-19 requirements for their employees and customers.”

The fake posters spew additional misinformation, claiming masks are no longer mandatory and that social distancing is no longer required.

However, the posters also say people can continue wearing masks if they are immunocompromised, old or  “just worried” about the coronavirus.

“For people who have immune issues, are older, or are just worried about COVID, you are free to mask distance, self-isolate, and practice whatever guidelines you see fit. The rest of us are free to make our own health decisions as we see fit.”

Anita Dowdle was among many residents on Vancouver Island who noticed the posters and found them to be alarming.

“Everybody’s entitled to their own opinion and that but when it starts becoming harmful to others I just, I have to disagree,” said Anita Dowdle who found posters along Northwest Bay Road in Nanoose Bay.

“I was disgusted, I mean that’s absolutely blatant false information propagating their entitled agenda,” added Ken Dowdle.

Roy Kroes went for a walk Monday morning in Qualicum Beach and found the misinformed posters stapled to almost every tree on Second Avenue.

“It is dangerous information. I hear of people saying that it’s my body it should be my choice, but excuse me if you’re infecting other people that’s not right,” he said.

Island Health told CHEK News the information contained on the posters is wrong and inaccurate.

“The information in these signs is false and the Provincial Health Officer’s Orders and guidelines with respect to COVID-19 remain in effect,” the health authority said in a statement.

It’s not clear who created the posters, as no organization or group name appears on them.

CHEK News has reached out to Comox Valley RCMP for comment.

Island Health says the information contained on the posters is wrong and inaccurate.


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