Truck hits train overpass bridge on Shawnigan Lake Road, road closed


Shawnigan Lake Road between Recreation and Radway roads is closed after a concrete pump truck hit the train overpass bridge.

Shawnigan Lake RCMP was called to the scene just after 7 a.m. for a report that a truck hit the bridge. A spokesperson says only one vehicle was involved.

Kaitlyn Parker tells CHEK News that she and her dad were driving behind the truck when the collision happened and she is the person who called 911.

“We started following him pretty much right from the highway. We came down the hill to where the oversize detour sign is, and the lights and everything came on saying he was too high, and he just kept right on going. We figured he might be going to another street further down,” Parker said in an interview with CHEK News.

“We came around the corner to the train trestle and realized he wasn’t turning, and we slowed down. Sure enough, he didn’t even slow down or anything until the very last second, and he just full force right into the bridge and knocked the bridge off the cement that it sits on.”

Parker says her dad got out of their vehicle right away while she called 911. The truck driver got out of the truck and she says he seemed shaken and he hit his knees but seemed fine.

RCMP have not confirmed whether the driver was injured in the crash.

Parker says from what she saw there was significant damage to the bridge.

“The bridge is definitely going to have to get taken down and replaced,” Parker said. “It’s completely detached from the one side and if it wasn’t for the truck, sitting where it is, the bridge would be on the ground, it is resting on the truck itself.”

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Larry Stevenson, CEO of the Island Corridor Foundation, says the bridge will have to be removed and completely replaced.

He says replacing the bridge will not happen right away, as the foundation is going to use this as an opportunity to look at improvements that can be made, including possibly raising the height of the rail bed and bridge.

“We have the ability to probably raise it, but it’s a little early for that,” Stevenson said. “The engineers are gonna have to take a look at and determine whether or not that’s feasible. We’ve got corners on both sides of it. So they’ll take a good look at it and if we can do it, we’ll certainly incorporate it into the plan.”

Stevenson says the repairs will be processed through an ICBC claim.

Work is underway to remove the bridge, and Stevenson says they hope to have the road reopened by Monday evening.

Emcon Services says it is on scene and a detour is available via West Shawnigan Lake Rd.

This is a developing story. More details will be added as they become available.

Correction: RCMP previously told CHEK News the type of truck to hit the bridge was a crane truck. We have since learned it is a concrete pump truck.

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