Contractors providing snow removal service across the Island

WatchIf you need help getting rid of all of that ice and snow, there’s a long list of contractors willing to help out. Whether you’re up Island or down in Greater Victoria. Assistance is just one phone call away.

Vancouver Island’s first major snowfall of the winter may mean a day off school or work for some, but for contractors, it means go time.

“We work day and night, it was basically like shift work 24 hours, crews going on and off, on and off,” said snow removal contractor Matthew Kwiatkowski.

Kwiatkowski has been dispatching other contracting companies for snow removal for the past 15 years. He takes all the calls and sends out a contractor based on the location of the client. And whether it’s residential or commercial, they’ll be there in a hurry.

“We have such a quick response because we have such a big team so we’re able to take care of a big demand. We did a ton of work last year and so this year all those contacts are phoning back and we’ve more than doubled again,” Kwiatkowski said.

Over 15 different companies are involved in the operation, with several available in all parts of the Island. And for all included, top notch service is the main priority.

“We try and be a five star company. Sending out other contractors, we want to show the best of the best. And that way, if there’s any accidents or anything we want to avoid all of that. So that’s why we basically select the best of the best,” said the owner of All Pro Excavating Peter Johal.

Johal runs all operations within Victoria. Over 100 residential locations were serviced in the area last winter, but that number could possibly double this year.

Anybody interested in receiving the service can call the dispatch line at (250) 710-9738.

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