Cleanup begins on mid Vancouver Island after major winter storm

Cleanup begins on mid Vancouver Island after major winter storm
WatchAfter one of the biggest snow storms in recent memory, cleanup started on mid Vancouver Island. Snow plows are still getting to side streets.

As the sun glistened off some freshly plowed streets Thursday, others remained nearly impassable after 35 centimetres of snow fell across the Comox Valley Wednesday and early this morning.

But in Cumberland, Public Works crews were finally making progress throughout the day clearing each road. On the highways and areas of the regional districts, Mainroad says it was tough keeping up with the major snowfall

“We’ve had all our crews out, subcontractors, with the change we just got a little overwhelmed with the amount we got. So we played a little bit of catch up this morning. We’re looking good right now. We’re now starting very methodically getting into our secondaries and this evening into our smaller side roads,” Justin Burgers with Mainroad Contracting said

Municipalities are asking for the public to be patient as they get to every last street. Now, this was also a familiar site today and like many people, Sandy Gabrie shovelled his driveway several times.

“Three times last night and I came out at 6:00 this morning and shovelled again. And today it’s heavy and wet though right. Oh yeah, it’s a lot heavier than yesterday,” Gabrie said.

“I know it’s wet and compacted a bit so it’s not the easiest which is why I have a garden shovel. I’m from back east so I’m used to it so the more snow the better.”

BC Hydro crews were busy getting the lights back on for thousands of people who lost power in the storm and most schools from Duncan to Port Hardy were closed Thursday so any hill like this seemed to be a popular place to go instead.

Back at the Mainroad yard, crews are reminding drivers that even though the roads are clear, they could get extremely slippery as the temperatures fluctuate around freezing.

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