CHEK Upside: Victoria man needs Islanders help to get him to the moon

CHEK Upside: Victoria man needs Islanders help to get him to the moon
Brett Andersen's love for space has driven him to enter a contest to be one of eight civilians on a SpaceX rocket trip around the moon.

For Brett Andersen, space has forever been the final frontier.

“It’s always been a fascination, but I think what it is, is the opportunity to really gain perspective on all of our lives,” said Andersen.

So when Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa announced an international search for eight civilians to join him on a planned trip around the moon, Andersen was all in.

“You know as soon as I heard that, I was like hey here’s my chance to go for it,” said Andersen.

Andersen set about posting campaign videos online to get Maezawa’s attention. If his social media self-promotion blitz is successful at landing a spot on the Space X rocket, it will be the restaurant manager’s second chance at being a civilian in space.

“Land Rover, in 2015, they put on this contest and I applied. I won the Canadian national prize and then I won the world grand prize and unfortunately the shuttle I was supposed to fly on crashed,” said Andersen.

That first brush with space has Andersen’s friends thinking he might just be lucky again.

“For Brett, it just sort of seems like maybe the stars might just align and maybe he might get the opportunity,” said Tim Sorensen, one of Brett’s best friends.

So far the response online has been overwhelming, and it’s led Andersen to seek the endorsement of B.C.-born star Ryan Reynolds.

“I’ve learned so much about the power of putting yourself out there and I’m like you know we’ve come so far we can’t stop now and why not try to get somebody with some super fame power and charisma to get behind the campaign,” said Andersen.

Even with the amount of entrants, Andersen is optimistic about living his space odyssey.

“I’m a big believer in manifesting and focusing on the things you want in life and you know if this one doesn’t come to fruition I’m confident that eventually, I’ll get there but I’m really feeling good and hoping that this is my chance,” said Andersen.

To help Brett achieve his dream, head to his Instagram page and tag Yusaku Maezawa in the comment section of his posts.

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