CHEK Upside: Victoria Hospice holds surprise socially-distanced concert for nurses

CHEK Upside: Victoria Hospice holds surprise socially-distanced concert for nurses

On a picturesque spring day, there’s a secret mission underway at Victoria Hospice.

“This is going to be a huge highlight, it’s like nothing we’ve done before,” says the hospice’s director of nursing, Tracy Stone.

Nurses have been on the frontlines throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and this week marks National Nursing Week across Canada.

“It is a national initiative to celebrate nurses everywhere and the CNA, which is the Canadian Nurses Association has a theme that says we answer the call,” says Stone. “So, it’s looking at all the roles of the nurses.”

With pandemic restrictions still curtailing most celebrations, Victoria Hospice decided to think outside of the box, bringing in local musician Jill Cooper to serenade the care team inside.

“There are quite a few nurses who know Jill Cooper from various events around town, she’s amazing, she is awesome and so we thought we’d like to have her here and that’s the surprise we can offer the nurses,” smiles Stone.

Cooper had no problem agreeing to the performance.

“One of the reasons that I love this job as a musician is there are so many different causes that you can play for and especially this one, especially this whole year that’s passed, it feels really good to be a part of it,” says Cooper.

For those without a window seat, the performance was live-streamed, and needless to say the idea was a hit.

The mini-concert was also a rare chance for Cooper to perform live during the pandemic.

“There’s been way less gigs than usual,” says Cooper.

“I sort of started up again at a few outdoor patios which has been nice to get the hands moving again and stuff, but I’m really excited to do this one,” adds Cooper.

It was a small way to give back to those who spend their days bringing comfort and joy to others.

“Hospice is a special place,” says Stone.

“These nurses work really hard each day so I hope this lifts their hearts,” adds Stone.

To learn more about National Nursing Week, visit the Canadian Nurses Association website.

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