CHEK Upside: Nanaimo man could win $10,000 with stop motion Big Lebowski spoof

CHEK Upside: Nanaimo man could win $10,000 with stop motion Big Lebowski spoof
WatchTodd Cameron's stop motion spoof of the Big Lebowski has been drawing rave reviews online from fans of the movie and could net him a very big payday.

A Big Lebowski fan in Nanaimo has taken his love of the movie to a whole new level.

Todd Cameron’s one minute stop motion movie called The Short Lebowski encapsulates all of the film’s classic scenes.

“I’d been doing stop motion and I’ve got a lot of the toys that my wife had got me years ago and just kind of the script started to form in my mind and started to take it from there,” says Cameron.

Todd’s first moment of fame came when he produced a similar video for the song A Little Bit Alexis from the TV show Schitt’s Creek.

“A lot of the fans loved it and actually Dan Levy and Annie Murphy from the show both tweeted it and Dan called it a masterpiece so that was like a huge vote of confidence for this new medium of stop motion and it was a lot of fun,” says Cameron.

Cameron’s Lebowski video took around 75 hours to complete, as well as a lot of creative thinking.

“I crafted a full bathroom scene with a toilet and tub and I crafted a few different rooms and had to make a car,” says Cameron.

“Just the process to get ready took me several or a few dozen hours at least and then once you got everything ready then it’s time to film,” adds Cameron.

It’s been a huge hit online with fellow fans of the film and led to Cameron entering a unique contest with the chance to win $10,000.

“A friend of mine who was online and saw this contest for $10,000 to recreate a movie in sixty seconds and mine’s the only stop motion or toy-related film and there’s quite a few in there,” says Cameron.

He beat out over 300 other entries to make it into the top 10 with a chance to claim the big prize. Win or lose it’s been well worth the effort.

“Realizing how many people in my life love me and have been sharing my video and voting for me every day really makes a guy feel good to have that much support,” says Cameron.

To vote for The Short Lebowski, follow the links on Todd’s Facebook page.

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