CHEK Upside: Local jigsaw puzzle company asking for art submissions

CHEK Upside: Local jigsaw puzzle company asking for art submissions
WatchVictoria's Puzzle Lab is asking local artists to submit their work to be featured on their next jigsaw puzzle sets.

They’re puzzle pieces with an island art connection.

Started amidst the pandemic, Victoria-based Puzzle Lab has blossomed into a popular producer of colourful creations.

“We noticed we spent a lot more time on our devices once the pandemic hit and we wanted to find a way to get ourselves and other people off of those screens and into the real world,” says co-founder Tinka Robev.

Now, the jigsaw puzzle company’s algorithm-generated wooden puzzle pieces will showcase Canadian artists selected through an online competition.

“Our second round of puzzles is all about local art, Canadian artists in particular and we are featuring four artists so far on the newest four puzzles we just released and now we’re asking other artists to submit their artwork,” says Robev.

As for the entry requirements, Robev and her team are keeping it fairly simple.

“We’re looking for colourful and exciting art that’s going to be fun to look at for a few hours at a time while people put the puzzles together,” says Robev.

The four feature works that have already been selected range from former Victoria artist in residence Luke Ramsey’s west coast mountain range to up and coming artist Mandy Leinbach’s colourful wolf.

The puzzle is giving Leinbach a shot at the spotlight.

“It’s really good for reaching a whole new audience and it’s really good exposure for my work,” says Leinbach.

“A whole new demographic of people get to see my work and we get to share each other’s platforms and reach a new broader audience,” adds Leinbach.

It’s a way to bring artists together and let people get an up-close look at their work.

“This really puts the art in front of people and they become a co-creator as they piece the artwork together one piece at a time,” says Robev.

“People doing the puzzles and analyzing each and every piece and getting to really know your painting, I think it’s a really cool way to kind of get your art out there,” adds Leinbach.

To submit a design for Puzzle Lab’s next puzzle sets send an email to [email protected].

Mandy Leinbac is among a handful of artists whose work has been featured by local jigsaw puzzle company. (CHEK News)

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