Charging station soon to open at Nanaimo gas station among BC’s first

Charging station soon to open at Nanaimo gas station among BC's first
WatchPetro Canada is building two charging stations on Vancouver Island as part of a nation-wide rollout

The first charging station to be built at a gas station on Vancouver Island is nearing completion.

A Petro Canada in Nanaimo will be one of the first in B.C. to charge electric vehicles as energy-giant Suncor rolls out electric charging stations at select Petro Canada stations across the country.

“It’s good that the gas companies are making progress and going with the times,” said Iris Symon, a Petro Canada customer.

“I think it’s new and innovative and that’s kind of the way we’re going,” said Goldie Smith, another Petro Can customer.

Announced earlier this year more than 50 Petro Canada stations, along the Trans Canada Highway, will get the charging stations.

The charging station on Terminal Avenue in Nanaimo and another to be built on Patricia Bay Highway in Saanich will be the two on Vancouver Island.

“The electric vehicle stations will be placed about 200 and 250 kilometres away from each other which is the average amount that a vehicle can hold a charge for so this really does allow Canadians driving EV’s to go all the way from Nova Scotia to the island and BC,” said Nicole Fisher, a Suncor Energy spokesperson.

Suncor says it wanted to be part of the transition in how Canadians move around the country.

For an eco-courier company that’s been driving for sustainability on Vancouver Island for seven years, the electric chargers are a move in the right direction.

“Yeah, that’s exciting for me,” said Andrew Mitchell of GEAZone Eco Courier.

“More charging stations is obviously better for everyone that’s trying to go into the electric vehicle space.”

All the charging stations are set to be open by the end of the year and can provide up to a 200 kW charge, enough to provide an 80 percent charge to most electric vehicles in 30 minutes.

Petro Canada has yet to determine what it will cost to charge.

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