CFB Esquimalt welcomes the public to Defence on the Dock

CFB Esquimalt welcomes the public to Defence on the Dock

It was an exciting day for the public as CFB Esquimalt and Maritime Forces Pacific hosted Defence on the Dock, an Open House at Victoria’s Ogden Point.

“Basically,” says Base Public Affairs Officer Captain Jenn Jackson, “we have taken CFB Esquimalt and we have temporarily relocated it to Ogden Point.”

The open house offered an opportunity for the public to interact with military personnel, and to learn about the ships and vehicles, both on the ground and in the air, used by the Canadian Armed Forces.

“We’ve got some helicopters,” says Jackson, “we also have a Canadian Patrol Craft frigate, as well as a Victoria Class Submarine, and a maritime coastal defense vessel.  So all those are open for tours, but you do have to win a tour on the submarine.”

The public was enthusiastic as they toured the various military equipment.

“I think it’s fantastic! I think it’s great, and there’s more here than was advertised!” said one gentleman.

“I did want to see the submarines,” said another. “Just to see what we got for all that money from Britain, and ensure that they float, and can go underwater” he added with a slight smile.

“It’s just neat to see the new helicopter that the military has to offer to replace the Sea King here” said another man. “We’ve seen the Sea King before in previous events, so we were interested in the new one.”

“The base is a little bit tucked away being down at the end of Esquimalt road” said Jackson, “so we wanted to come right front and centre and share our community with the greater community we’re a part of.”

An impressive day that visitors of all ages appeared to appreciate and enjoy.

Veronica CooperVeronica Cooper

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