CERB, Kobe Bryant among Google Canada’s top trending searches of 2020

CERB, Kobe Bryant among Google Canada's top trending searches of 2020
As the conclusion to a year unlike any other draws near, Google Canada has released its annual ‘Year in Search’ lists for 2020.

It is almost hard to believe, but 2020 has almost reached its end.

In a year unlike any other, Canadians wound up spending significant amounts of time online, while trying to understand what was happening around them.

As the conclusion to a year – dictated by a global pandemic – draws near, Google Canada has released its annual ‘Year in Search’ lists.

Worldwide, trends like sourdough bread and growing your own garden drew massive interest, while people also sought ways “how to help” and support local businesses.

In Canada, the US election, coronavirus, Kobe Bryant, Zoom and the Toronto Raptors marked the top five trending searches.

Google Canada has compiled a series of categories that provide a glimpse into the top trending searches from Canadians over the course of the last 12 months.

The tech-giant also notes that the data reflects “top trending” searches, which relate to ones that had a high spike in traffic over a sustained period.

Top Trending Searches

  1. US election
  2. Coronavirus
  3. Kobe Bryant
  4. Zoom
  5. Raptors
  6. CERB
  7. Kim Jong Un
  8. Naya Rivera
  9. Joe Biden
  10. Trump vs. Biden

Top Trending Canadian News:

  1. Coronavirus
  2. CERB
  3. Air Canada stock
  4. Nova Scotia shooting
  5. Blackout Tuesday
  6. Black Lives Matter
  7. Trudeau press conference today
  8. CERB extension
  9. Sophie Grégoire Trudeau
  10. Safia Nolin


  1. Kobe Bryant
  2. Naya Rivera
  3. Alex Trebek
  4. George Floyd
  5. Chadwick Boseman
  6. Sean Connery
  7. Eddie Van Halen
  8. Kelly Preston
  9. Sushant Singh Rajput
  10. Kenny Rogers

Top Trending TV Shows: 

  1. Tiger King
  2. The Queen’s Gambit
  3. Ozark
  4. Cobra Kai
  5. Money Heist
  6. The Umbrella Academy
  7. Outer Banks
  8. Emily in Paris
  9. The Witcher
  10. Love Is Blind

Top Trending Movies:

  1. Parasite
  2. Contagion
  3. Black Panther
  4. Borat 2
  5. Little Women
  6. Uncut Gems
  7. Knives Out
  8. Papillon
  9. Mulan
  10. The Gentlemen

Top Trending Recipes:

  1. Easy cookie recipes
  2. Buttermilk recipes
  3. Butternut squash recipes
  4. Sourdough discard recipes
  5. Scalloped potatoes recipes
  6. Bread recipes
  7. Coleslaw recipes
  8. Crock-Pot recipes
  9. Breakfast recipes
  10. Air fryer recipes

Top Trending Workouts:

  1. Resistance band workout
  2. Chloe Ting workout
  3. Insanity workout
  4. Home workout
  5. Murph workout
  6. Alexis Ren ab workout
  7. Bodyweight workout
  8. Booty workout
  9. Full body workout
  10. Upper body workout


  1. Why are people buying toilet paper?
  2. Why was George Floyd stopped?
  3. Why is it called COVID-19?
  4. Why did Kobe have 2 numbers?
  5. Why is Nevada taking so long?
  6. Why did Alex leave Grey’s?
  7. Why did 69 go to jail?
  8. Why is TikTok being banned?
  9. Why is gas so cheap right now 2020?
  10. Why is Australia on fire?


  1. What is Coronavirus?
  2. What does WAP mean?
  3. What is Antifa?
  4. What is a pandemic?
  5. What is Juneteenth?
  6. What are the symptoms of Coronavirus?
  7. What is Blackout Tuesday?
  8. What is fracking?
  9. What time is the US election?
  10. What happened with Jessica Mulroney?

How to…

  1. How to apply for EI
  2. How to make hand sanitizer
  3. How to apply for CERB
  4. How to make a mask
  5. How to cut your own hair
  6. How to use Zoom
  7. How to make sourdough starter
  8. How to get tested for Coronavirus
  9. How to make whipped coffee
  10. How to make bread
You can explore more of the 2020 Google Canada top trends at g.co/2020trends/CA.
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