Canada Post super boxes from Union Bay to Sayward hit by thefts

WatchSince February 1st, thieves have broken into super boxes in Union Bay, Courtenay, Merville, Campbell River and Sayward.

In what would be considered a good Campbell River neighbourhood residents woke up Thursday to find their Canada Post super mailbox had been broken into.

“It’s infuriating because nothing happens,” said Adam Sorensen who lives nearby. “It seems in Campbell River it’s just constantly happening right now and there’s nothing we can do about it.”

Kim Koopman also went to check her mail Thursday morning.

“And there just wasn’t any to be found and there were little locks pushed inside some of the boxes and yeah I’m definitely not impressed,” she said.

The RCMP has confirmed that since February 1st Canada Post super boxes have been broken into in Union Bay, Courtenay, Merville, Campbell River and Sayward where at least three groups of boxes have been broken into.

In all cases it appears, that each individual mailbox was pried open breaking the lock, meaning it would have made some noise and been time-consuming at the very least.

“It’s a pretty quiet neighbourhood for the most part so probably everybody was sound asleep and who knows how they got in there,” added Koopman.

“Yeah, I feel kind of violated, like who knows what kind of personal information was in those boxes,” said Caitlyn Schmidt whose mail was stolen in Sayward. “It is tax time of year and I was expecting some tax documents and yeah so I really feel personally violated and angry about the whole thing.”

“There’s a whole bunch of us in this cul de sac, you feel violated. Same night this happened a bunch of vehicles were ransacked,” said Sorensen.

Adam Sorensen’s home video surveillance captured a man with a flashlight looking into the windows of his car parked in his driveway on the same night. He believes the same man is responsible for the mailbox thefts.

In a rural area of north Courtenay, there is a mailbox with a sign on it telling customers there had been an attempted break-in to the box and that it will be replaced in the coming weeks.

“We don’t have a set suspect right now so we are looking for anyone that does have information, may have seen anything suspicious to give us a call,” said Campbell River RCMP Constable Maury Tyre.

Campbell River RCMP investigators can be reached at 250-286-6221

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