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Sin City Improv Serial “Castaways” @ Belfry Theatre Studio
Feb 10 – May 12 all day
Sin City Improv Serial "Castaways" @ Belfry Theatre Studio

When a tropical storm sinks a Cruise Ship excursion, the tourists wash up on a desert island in the South Pacific. With no rescue in sight, the quirky bunch must learn to survive. That’s where the story begins – and it is all anyone knows, because nothing is planned in this improvised, continuing tale. “Lost” meets “Survivor”. Ten brand new episodes 8pm Sundays Feb. 3 to March 3 and April 14 to May 12.

The Sound of Music @ Chemainus Theatre Festival
Feb 15 – Apr 6 all day
The Sound of Music @ Chemainus Theatre Festival

Based on the story of the von Trapp family singers, this thrilling and inspirational family musical follows the romantic story of Captain von Trapp and governess Maria as they fall in love and bring a family together, during the turbulent and frightening time preceeding World War II. When Nazis demand the immediate enlistment of the Captain, this couple’s love and courage helps them narrowly escape over the Austrian mountains with their seven children. Their story comes to life onstage with beloved songs “My Favourite Things,” “Do-Re-Mi,” “Climb Every Mountain,” and of course “The Sound of Music.”

The Foreigner @ Chemainus Theatre Festival
Apr 18 – May 9 all day
The Foreigner @ Chemainus Theatre Festival

A painfully shy Englishman named Charlie takes a room at Betty Meeks’ Fishing Lodge and pretends he can’t speak a word of English to avoid his pathological fear of social interactions. This new role as “foreigner” makes him the unwitting confidante for the
other residents and visitors when Charlie overhears more than he is meant to – with hilarious results! Charlie finds himself in predicaments that are sidesplittingly funny, but which also give us food for thought, as they remind us that our all-too-human foibles, follies, and frailties can make us endearing as well as initiate inspiring personal transformations.

Mamma Mia! @ Chemainus Theatre Festival
May 24 – Aug 31 all day
Mamma Mia! @ Chemainus Theatre Festival

On a Greek island paradise where the sun always shines, ABBA’s enchanting, timeless hits propel this beautiful and funny tale of love, friendship, and identity. Sophie is about to be married and is determined to find the father she’s never known, to give her away at the wedding. The problem? She has peeked in her mother’s diary and discovered her father could be any one of three men! Sophie brings her three potential birth fathers to the island, bringing her mother face-to-face with her distant past, as they all prepare for a wedding they’ll never forget!