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The Art of People Management @ Engaged HRw
Feb 12 – Mar 12 all day
The Art of People Management @ Engaged HRw

As a manager, you are responsible for managing “the employee experience” at work. What does this responsibility involve? It requires placing a very strategic and intentional focus on creating the people management skills that contributes to effective performance among all your staff members.

This 3-day interactive program is designed to support managers of all levels through the various stages of the employee experience, creating the necessary leadership skills and strategies to effectively manage people to top performance and high engagement. The focus on the content is to develop an understanding of respectful workplace communications while understanding that each person in the organization has something of value to contribute.

Each section of the program focuses on a supervisory theme, including:

– Essential Supervisory Skills
– Effective Workplace Communication
– Respect in the Workplace
– Resolving Workplace Conflict
– Appreciation in the Workplace
– Managing Day to Day People Challenges

This 3 day program takes place over a 4 week period and is designed with breaks between the learning days to allow participants the opportunity to try out their learning. Throughout the training, participants are encouraged to commit to actions that will support and expand their learning. As an added value, following the training, all participants are provided with a “one-to-one” follow-up conversation with the program facilitator. The focus of these calls is to provide support for individual leadership needs and current HR challenges.

The Art of People Management is designed to support managers, supervisors and team leaders on their leadership journey.

February Co-op Café presented by Victoria Health Co-operative @ Cook Street Village Activity Centre
Feb 20 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
February Co-op Café presented by Victoria Health Co-operative @ Cook Street Village Activity Centre

Each monthly Co-op Café will provide an opportunity for you to learn more about how co-operatives are making a difference in Victoria. Join Dave Hoy, CEO and General Manager, and Lindsay Gaudette, Marketing and Community Relations of Peninsula Co-op to learn more about the impact co-operatives can have in the local community.

We invite you join the discussion and share your views about co-ops and how we can contribute to our communities. Enjoy refreshments and good company.

Interviewing for Fit @ Engaged HR
Mar 7 all day
Interviewing for Fit @ Engaged HR

In today’s fast paced labour market, you have to learn enough about a candidate to make a quick decision that you don’t regret. Learn how to interview candidates so that you know what questions to ask to assess a candidate’s fit in your organization. Get the most out of your interviews and make confident hiring decisions.

Learning objectives:

– Identify what to ask and what not to ask when interviewing
– Learn how to listen for “fit” when interviewing
– Understand the interview process and the candidate experience