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The Art of Wearing Kimonos @ Nanaimo Museum
Jun 23 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
The Art of Wearing Kimonos @ Nanaimo Museum

Kimonos are Japanese traditional outfits, as many people know. Before the Meiji period (1868-1919), all Japanese people wore kimonos.

Nowadays even Japanese people don’t have many chances to wear kimonos or see other people wearing kimonos in daily life. It can be challenging to put on a kimono by yourself, so wearing them has somewhat fallen out of fashion.

However, Yukata (the casual summer kimono) is still a very popular fashion among Japanese women at summer festivals, because it is easy to wear and to care for.

“The Art of Wearing Kimonos” Crafternoon Session is led by Asuka Naomi. She’ll teach the history of kimonos and demonstrate different types of authentic kimonos in a fashion show. Afterward, participants may try on a Yukata (casual summer kimono).*

* Please note: Due to availability limitations, the Yukata at this session are Small and Medium size only.

Ages: 14+

$15 per person. Ticket price includes all materials and admission to the museum. 20 participants maximum.

Circle of Three: Nancy Day, Laura Hilts, Carmen Mongeau @ Coast Collective Gallery & Art Centre
Jul 18 – Jul 29 all day
Circle of Three: Nancy Day, Laura Hilts, Carmen Mongeau @ Coast Collective Gallery & Art Centre

July 18 – July 29
Gallery Hours: Wednesday through Sunday from 11am – 5pm

This exhibition features distinct works by three FCA artists and colleagues.

Meet the Artists Reception: Saturday, July 21, 1:00 to 3:00

Carmen Mongeau presents “Murmurs”: an array of new prints including monotypes, monotypes chine-colle and collagraphs. Her new work includes abstract works and botanical renderings that capture the colours of remembered times and places.

Nancy Day presents “Mystique”: a series of provocative landscapes in several dimensions. Unique and engaging works suitable for small spaces and larger areas. These works are based on travels through pastoral areas of France and images from our own diverse country.

Laura Hilts presents “Organic Geometry”: a series of watercolour and acrylic works, delicate images combining geometric and organic shapes.