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TheatreOne’s Just Kidding for Kids presents Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch @ VIU's Malaspina Theatre
Apr 13 all day
TheatreOne's Just Kidding for Kids presents Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch @ VIU's Malaspina Theatre

TheatreOne’s Just Kidding for Kids presents…
Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch by Axis Theatre Company
By Eileen Spinelli and Illustrated by Paul Yalowitz, Adapted by Chris McGregor
Saturday, April 13 at 1pm | VIU’s Malaspina Theatre

“Then he did something he had never done before… he laughed!”

Nanaimo – TheatreOne’s Just Kidding for Kids proudly presents the award-winning, heart-warming puppet play Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch, Friday, Saturday, April 13 at 1pm, VIU’s Malaspina Theatre.

Mr. Hatch lives a colourless, ordered life. He goes to work at the shoelace factory, eats his lunch alone, reads the paper and then goes to bed… early. Until, one Valentine’s Day he receives the biggest surprise of his life, a candy-filled heart with a note that whispers “somebody loves you”. Mr. Hatch’s world is turned upside down and he begins to make friends and enjoy all the fun parts of life that he once ignored. Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch is a heartwarming puppet play that examines the effect that kindness can have on a dreary existence.

Winner of two 2017 Jessie Richardson Awards including Outstanding Design and Outstanding Artistic Creation for Direction

“The BEST school performance I’ve seen in 27 years!” – Mark Koebel, Eileen Madson Primary

“To sit in an audience of children and be able to hear a pin drop is a testament to the stellar piece of TYA theatre Axis has created. I have to say; the adults were enjoying the production as much as the youth.” – Dawn E, Audience Member

“I’ve taught here for 15 years and it was the best response I’ve seen from the students!”
– Craigflower Elementary

Just Kidding for Kids is generously sponsored by Coastal Community Credit Union, Kool & Child, Mid-Island Co-op, and Island Parent Magazine.

Tickets to this fun, life affirming show are $12 or 2/$20 from and 250-754-7587.

The Foreigner @ Chemainus Theatre Festival
Apr 18 – May 9 all day
The Foreigner @ Chemainus Theatre Festival

A painfully shy Englishman named Charlie takes a room at Betty Meeks’ Fishing Lodge and pretends he can’t speak a word of English to avoid his pathological fear of social interactions. This new role as “foreigner” makes him the unwitting confidante for the
other residents and visitors when Charlie overhears more than he is meant to – with hilarious results! Charlie finds himself in predicaments that are sidesplittingly funny, but which also give us food for thought, as they remind us that our all-too-human foibles, follies, and frailties can make us endearing as well as initiate inspiring personal transformations.

TheatreOne’s Mainstage presents Jake’s Gift by Julia Mackey @ VIU's Malaspina Theatre
Apr 25 – Apr 27 all day
TheatreOne's Mainstage presents Jake's Gift by Julia Mackey @ VIU's Malaspina Theatre

Award-winning Jake’s Gift by Julia Mackey Returns to Nanaimo
April 25-27 at VIU’s Malaspina Theatre
“The only two things that can satisfy the soul are a person and a story.” – G.K. Chesterton, A Miscellany of Men

Take a trip back to Juno Beach with a WW2 veteran, in TheatreOne’s presentation of the award-winning Jake’s Gift by Julia Mackey, on stage at VIU’s Malaspina Theatre Thursday to Saturday, April 25-27 at 7:30pm, and Saturday, April 27 at 2pm. Tickets are $30, $15 for students, and $25 each for groups of 8 or more, from or 250-754-7587.

Jake’s Gift is a surprisingly funny multi-award winning drama that tells the story of a Canadian World War II veteran’s reluctant return to Normandy, France, to find the grave of the brother who never came home. While revisiting the shores of Juno Beach, Jake encounters Isabelle, a precocious 10-year-old from the local village. Isabelle’s inquisitive nature and charm challenge the old soldier to confront some long-ignored ghosts – most notably, the war-time death of his eldest brother, Chester, a once promising young musician. At its heart, Jake’s Gift is about the legacy of remembrance and makes personal the story behind one soldier’s grave.

In June 2004, Julia Mackey traveled to Normandy, France, for the 60th anniversary of D-Day. It was one of the most moving and powerful experiences of her life. During that week long journey, Julia interviewed dozens of Canadian, British and American WW2 veterans who had returned for the ceremonies. For many, it was their first time back to France since the war. The stories they shared with Julia and her own life-long interest in Remembrance Day inspired the development of the play. In August 2006, the first draft of Jake’s Gift received a workshop performance at the Sunset Theatre’s Exploration Series in Wells, BC.

Since January 2007, Juno Productions has toured Jake’s Gift to theatres, festivals, community halls, schools and Legions in over 250 communities across Canada. Internationally, they’ve taken the show to Washington State, Tiverton & Birmingham, England, and to Normandy, France, for the 70th & 73rd Anniversary of D-Day, where Julia performed Jake’s Gift in French in venues right on Juno Beach! Juno Productions and Jake’s Gift have received rave reviews from critics and audience members alike whether in small rural towns or big city centres. Now in their 12th season of touring Jake’s Gift, Julia and Director/Stage Manager Dirk Van Stralen continue to enjoy sharing this timeless story with communities across Canada and beyond.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ “Jake’s Gift is the most theatrically pure show I have ever seen. Julia Mackey delivers a stunning performance. So well fleshed out are her characters, so instantaneous are her transitions that it feels like an ensemble show.” – Katie Nicholson, CBC Winnipeg

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ “It’s hard to say which is better – her script about a reluctant veteran’s return to Juno Beach or her twin performances as a 10-year-old girl and 80-year-old man – both of which, in 60 minutes, speak more to the heart about Canada’s role in WWII than would a six-hour NFB documentary.” – John Threlfall, Monday Magazine, Victoria, BC

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ “Julia Mackey is an eminently watchable actor and her transformations between characters are stunning and nuanced.” – Bryan Birtles, Vue Weekly, Edmonton, AB

Jake’s Gift runs Thursday to Saturday, April 25-27 at 7:30pm, and Saturday, April 27 at 2pm at VIU’s Malaspina Theatre. Tickets are $30, $15 for students, and $25 each for groups of 8 or more from and 250-754-7587.

OneMan Star Wars Trilogy @ The Farquhar at UVic
May 4 @ 7:30 pm
OneMan Star Wars Trilogy @ The Farquhar at UVic

Charles Ross will stun and amaze you with this fun, energetic and extremely entertaining performance of One-Man Star Wars. Officially endorsed by Lucasfilm, One-Man Star Wars has been performed for over a million Star War fans from London’s West End, Off-Broadway, Dubai and the Sydney Opera House!

Mamma Mia! @ Chemainus Theatre Festival
May 24 – Aug 31 all day
Mamma Mia! @ Chemainus Theatre Festival

On a Greek island paradise where the sun always shines, ABBA’s enchanting, timeless hits propel this beautiful and funny tale of love, friendship, and identity. Sophie is about to be married and is determined to find the father she’s never known, to give her away at the wedding. The problem? She has peeked in her mother’s diary and discovered her father could be any one of three men! Sophie brings her three potential birth fathers to the island, bringing her mother face-to-face with her distant past, as they all prepare for a wedding they’ll never forget!