Bigger than expected construction site blast causes concern across the West Shore

Bigger than expected construction site blast causes concern across the West Shore
Langford Fire says explosion felt in the West Shore was a bigger than anticipated construction blast. Photo supplied by Patrick Wood.

A bigger than expected scheduled blast at a construction site rocked the West Shore Tuesday morning, leaving residents concerned about a possible explosion.

The Langford Fire Department received multiple calls about an explosion in the Bear Mountain area around 11:50 a.m.

Crews investigated and found there was a blast scheduled at a construction near the Bear Mountain Parkway and Marble Place in the West Shore.

“Unfortunately the blast was bigger than intended and was bigger than anticipated,” Chief Chris Aubrey, with Langford Fire, said.

“One of the workers was being treated for minor injuries, but no extensive injuries, no damage beyond the construction site.”

Aubrey said the explosion was near an interface area so the department was worried about the potential of spreading to the forest, but fortunately that didn’t happen.

“It is getting really dry out there, that was one of our concerns with anything getting into the forest,” Aubrey said. “We mitigated anything for this particular incident, but it’s a good reminder to people that things are drying up and we have a long weekend coming up so be careful out there.”

The cause of the bigger than anticipated blast is currently unknown, according to Langford Fire.

West Shore RCMP attended the scene to make sure there is no element of criminal activity present.

“Investigators have just turned the scene over to WorkSafeBC as there does not appear to be any criminal offence that has taken place here,” RCMP said in a statement.

WorkSafeBC says an officer is attending the scene and doesn’t currently have more information to share.

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