Beds on campus still available at UVIC and more coming in 2022 to help ease student housing woes


WATCH: Finding student housing in Victoria is a tough task. Students all start searching months in advance and reply to hundreds of ads. Some even cut class to house hunt and still have trouble. But as Luisa Alvarez tells us, the University of Victoria is hoping to alleviate some of the struggles at least for those wanting to live on campus.

It’s tough finding a place to rent in Victoria. The average one bedroom can cost more than $800 a month and the vacancy rate is hovering below one per cent.

And student’s who are on a budget and need to be close to school say finding a home is nearly an impossible task.

“Might have missed a few classes looking for places,” said UVic student Morgan Stuyt.

“Nothing was local to the school, everything was overpriced and a lot of the homes were very disgusting and unkempt from their landlords.”

Even if they started looking months in advance, pickings were slim.

“I would have a couple viewings booked and I would turn up to them and the landlord would tell me ‘I’m so sorry its already been taken by another person 45 minutes before you got here.’ It was heartbreaking,” said UVic student Katie Gair.

Many said the trick they found worked best was instead of replying to hundreds of ads, posting one of their your own.

“A full description you know pictures, profile even a little history about our selves as well,” said Stuyt.

There are more than 21,000 students at the University of Victoria. Some live at home, others will live off campus but the rest will need housing on school grounds and with only room for nearly 3,000, residence always fills up quickly.

“We banked and thought we would get into residence this year but we got an email saying that probably wasn’t possible,” said UVic student Christopher Baye.

Well, those still looking this year caught a break because of people’s last minute cancellations Kathryn Macleod director of residence services says you’re in luck.

“Things always change at the last minute right at the end of August, so we have a few students who are applying now and we are able to offer them some rooms,” said Macleod.

And for future students, relief may be imminent.

“We’re hoping that we will be opening one new residence in 2022 and one in 2024 and that will give us 600 more beds on campus,” said Macleod.

Shovels are expected to break ground in 2019.

Luisa AlvarezLuisa Alvarez

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