Bear wanders up to front door of Bear Mountain home

Bear wanders up to front door of Bear Mountain home

When a Bear Mountain homeowner got an early morning alert on his phone from his front-door video camera, it was quite a surprise what he found.

Justin Sealy was working around 2:30 a.m. Friday morning when he received the alert and saw a bear had walked up to his home.

After coming right up to the front of the Sealy residence, the bear can be seen walking calmly away in the 2200-block of Nicklaus Drive.

Conservation Officer Scott Norris says this is a reminder to residents that bear season is year-round for the south Island.

Norris says it is important for people to lock their garbage away since bears are looking for any food source, which also includes pet food.

He reminds residents there is a $230 fine for leaving attractants available to bears and it is up to people to do their part to keep bears safe and avoid conservation officials from having to euthanize a bear.

Andy NealAndy Neal

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