Bit of a bear scare for couple running in Goldstream Park

Bit of a bear scare for couple running in Goldstream Park


A couple out for a run on a beautiful day in Goldstream Park got a bit of a fright on Wednesday afternoon.

They were on the main road heading towards the exit when they spotted a large black bear lingering in the trees further ahead.

Michael Kennedy managed to use his phone to record the encounter from a pretty safe distance with his wife Deb hanging back even further.

Kennedy says it happened at 2:45 p.m. as they were coming back from Goldstream Falls and heading up to the hill approaching Ma Miller’s Pub.

The bear hung around for a few moments and eventually ambled off allowing the couple to continue their journey.

Goldstream Park is home to black bears, cougars and deer, as well as numerous small animals like raccoons, minks, beavers, otters and Gray and Douglas squirrels.

If you see a black bear, B.C. Parks advises you to: Talk in a low, calm voice and then, regardless if it has seen you or not, back up slowly (never turn your back on a bear, or run. Running could trigger an attack), avoid staring (the bear will see a direct stare as a challenge) and give it space (make sure it has a way to get away, and that you are not blocking access to a bear?s cubs or its food).


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