Ball python escapes in Saanich, just over a week after being caught in Victoria

Saanich police
The missing ball python last seen in Saanich.

The infamous ball python is apparently in the wild again, just over a week after it was found in Victoria after it had been missing for more than a month.

Saanich police say the missing snake was reported to them on Aug. 19.

The 1.4 metre, or four-and-a-half foot, ball python (also called a Royal python) was last seen in the Marigold area of Saanich.

Police said the snake reportedly escaped from the owner who was sleeping in the 800 block of Snowdrop Avenue.

The snake was in a backpack and managed to get out and slither away.

Police say this is the same snake who went missing in the 200-block of Bay Street in Victoria back in July. The snake was later found on Aug. 12 in the 1100-block of Richard Street.  It was given to Victoria Animal Control who said at the time they were working on reunited the snake with its owner.

This time, however, it may not be instantly returned once it’s found.

“We have some concerns with the manner in which the snake is being cared for. We don’t know if that’s appropriate to have the snake in a backpack like that. It’s obviously somebody’s pet.” said Sgt. Staff Chris Horsley of Saanich Police.

John Lanaghan, who knows the snake’s owner, thinks it’s time to give the pet up.

“If I find it, it’s not going back to its owner. It’s going to go to a pet shop or something. He obviously can’t look after it.” Lanaghan said.

The python is presumed to still be in the Marigold area of Saanich as ball pythons are not very active. Ball pythons live in grasslands and shrublands in the wilderness and it is possible it moved to a similar area of Saanich.

Residents are asked to contact Saanich Police if they observe the snake, and although ball pythons are not poisonous, residents should still use caution.

Police said there will be further investigation into how the snake is being kept and whether the owner was caring for it appropriately.

Saanich police can be reached at 250-475-4321.


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