B.C. making changes to its licence plate after insurance decals dropped

B.C. making changes to its licence plate after insurance decals dropped

Changes are coming to B.C.’s licence plate.

Since May 1, motorists in B.C. are no longer required to display a renewal decal on their licence plate and they can actually remove their existing decals. ICBC has also stopped issuing decals for new registrations or renewals.

New plates are still being issued with spaces for the decals, but according to an ICBC spokesperson, that will change.

“We’ve been working with our licence plate manufacturer to produce licence plates without wells for decals. All current inventory with wells will be issued first,” a spokesperson for ICBC told CHEK News in an e-mailed statement.

It’s not clear if the design change will just include the removal of the decal boxes or whether it will extend to the entire redesign of the licence plate itself.

It also is not clear whether this will cover all plates where decals are no longer required or how much the changes would cost as ICBC did not provide specifics.

What is clear, however, is that ICBC has no plans to ditch the requirement that motorists must display a front licence plate.

“At this time, we’re not considering removing the requirement for a front licence plate. Having two plates provides various benefits for law enforcement including with crash reconstruction, examining oncoming traffic while approaching a crime scene, identification of vehicles towing trailers, and looking for stolen vehicles,” the spokesperson said.

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