Alberta’s Jason Kenney big win prompts reaction from BC’s John Horgan


WATCH: Despite threats from Alberta’s premier-designate, Premier John Horgan insists he can work with Jason Kenney. Kenney is vowing to follow through on a campaign promise that will impact BC as early as next month. Mary Griffin reports. 

His win was almost as big as the pickup truck he was celebrating in. Less than 24 hours after cruising to victory,  Jason Kenney, Alberta’s incoming premier, said he is going ahead with a key election promise.

“We are serious about defending our vital economic interests. I’ve always said it’s not our intention to begin with reducing energy shipments to British Columbia. But to have the power to do so,” Kenney said in his victory speech in Calgary.

That power is in the form of the so-called “turn off the taps” legislation, Bill 12. It would drive up B.C.’s already high gas prices. Kenney promises to make it law on April 30. When questioned, Victoria drivers said they are not happy at the prospect in a city where gas is now at 161.9 cents a litre.

But Premier John Horgan refuses to bite.

“I’m confident that we’ll continue to work in a positive way. He in the interests of the people of Alberta, me in the interests of the people of British Columbia,” Horgan said.

Kenney also vowed to fight back against Canadian environmental groups that take money from American foundations with what he says is the covert aim of economic sabotage by preventing Alberta from exporting oil in any direction but south.

Campaigning in Victoria, Federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh says Kenney’s remarks do not bode well for the future.

“Troubling because his party doesn’t seem to understand the impacts of climate change, and the need for us to make some bold decisions about how we can move forward,” Singh said.

With files from The Canadian Press

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