Dozens of female deer in Oak Bay have been vaccinated to prevent them from having offspring, in hopes of limiting the number of fawns born in the community.

Urban deer have long been a nuisance in the Greater Victoria municipality, where they can jump in front of bikes and cars, destroy fences and gardens, and even attack people.

“I think everybody would be very happy if we got to the point where we saw a deer and were like ‘A deer! how magical,'” said Oak Bay Mayor Kevin Murdoch about how ubiquitous the animals are.

The deer contraception program, which just wrapped up its first season, inoculated 60 female deer with a vaccine meant to act as birth control.

The hope is it will start to shrink the urban deer population, while researchers are carefully studying the project to see if it might set a new standard for managing urban deer populations.

Original story by CBC News.

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