4 kittens recovering, 1 dead after fire in Port Alberni

4 kittens recovering, 1 dead after fire in Port Alberni
The injured kittens are pictured on June 26, 2024.

The BC SPCA has provided an update on the five kittens that were rescued from a bush fire in Port Alberni last month, and sadly one has died.

The fire broke out on June 20 in Roger Creek Park and grew to about half a hectare in size on steep terrain until firefighters put it out.

Once the fire was out, firefighters who were performing sweeps of the area found the five injured kittens among the debris.

The kittens were rushed to the BC SPCA Alberni-Clayoquot animal centre, which was less than a kilometre away, before being taken for emergency vet care.

The animals suffered a range of injuries, with one suffering only minor injuries, while others sustained severe burns.

“Sadly, although Phoenix, the ginger kitten with the worst burns, received extensive veterinary care and everyone was optimistic he would recover, he did not survive his injuries,” said the SPCA in an update Friday.

However, the future is looking bright for the remaining four kitties.

Road to recovery

The SPCA says the other four cats remain playful and affectionate as they recover from their wounds.

“They love to swat the ball around the wheel of their play circuit toy. They are also major fans of scratch posts,” said Natalie, their current foster.

Natalie says each cat has their own personality.

One cat, a grey and white kitten named Kai, “loves to climb my pants and wants to be held.”

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Kai the cat is pictured. (SPCA)

Another, named Kenna, enjoys sitting on laps and pouncing on her siblings.

“She makes biscuits on the other kittens,” Natalie says of the cat.

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Kenna is pictured. (SPCA)

Meanwhile, a black and white kitten named Egan enjoys being cuddled up under blankets.

When the kittens were first brought in, four were prescribed eye medication, and all were on pain medication and long-lasting antibiotics to fight off infections.

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Little kitten Egan is pictured. (SPCA)

“Afi, one of the ginger kittens, began to show signs of smoke inhalation damage to his lungs and required an overnight stay at a veterinary clinic,” said Natalie. “He is now back.”

“He is a little slower than the rest of the crew, but he is enjoying romping around with them.”

She adds that he doesn’t play with the cat toys as much as the others because his toes are still healing from burns.

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Afi is pictured. (SPCA)

Despite the kittens’ tough recovery journey, the SPCA says they are gaining weight and will likely be available for adoption in a few weeks.

The SPCA says there’s no shortage of people looking to adopt the kittens, including the firefighters involved in their rescue.

“We have been flooded with adoption applications,” said Sattar. “Everyone from the firefighters who rescued them to the emergency veterinary hospital staff who treated them have reached out to us.”

“Members of the public from across the province who saw their story have been so kind and generous in their donations and their desire to give one of these fighters a home.”

The SPCA is still accepting donations for the emergency medical care costs of the kittens.

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