12-foot skeleton becomes fixture in Duncan neighbourhood


One Duncan family has been getting quite a bit of attention for keeping a 12-foot skeleton in their front lawn.

Last July, Tabi Henry and her family bought “Skelly” as a simple Halloween decoration.

However, after struggling to fit Skelly back in his box, the family decided to keep him outside and find different ways to have it stay relevant.

“In order to leave him up all year, you have to make him interesting so that people aren’t saying why do you have a skeleton in your front yard,” said Henry.

Since Halloween, the family has dressed Skelly up for Christmas, Easter and recently put on a graduation gown on him to congratulate recent Island graduates. Skelly has also been able to withstand severe rain, wind, and recent rising temperatures over the past few months.

Luckily for him, Tabi brings out his “kids” to keep him company.

“Sometimes the kids come out, I do have two of them now that are in their grad vest. So they will come out every few months to join Skelly for a theme,” said Henry.

The family already has outfits for Skelly lined up for the next couple months, with the ultimate outfits being revealed during October.

Henry hopes she can inspire other neighbours in the area to get creative with how they decorate their front lawns

Mohammed HussainMohammed Hussain

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