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CHEK_News WATCH: What's behind the cloud of marijuana smoke that rose over Victoria City Hall on Sunday. http://t.co/oU3HvtJJWb
CHEK_News VIDEO: A Victoria couple's "I do's" were so high flying that they even turned heads in Las Vegas. http://t.co/wjRMBgee62
CHEK_News WATCH: A snowstorm hits Mount Washington as this year's challenging ski season ends. http://t.co/mGysEGYILJ
CHEK_News WATCH: The amazing story of a husband's right place, right time rescue of his Esquimalt family. http://t.co/ttT7L4SpeU
CHEK_News MT @deanstoltzchek: It's snowing @MountWashington. Slush Cup @3:30 2day. Last day 2 ski is 2moro. @CHEK_News http://t.co/3FTV3jgLpG