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CHEK News wants to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday with you – the residents of Vancouver Island. And in partnership with Country Grocer, we’re asking you to tell us Your Story!

Submit your story below. Answer the following three questions:

1.) What brought you (or your ancestors) to Canada — and where were they from?

2.) What brought your family to Vancouver Island or the Gulf Islands?

3.) What do you love most about Vancouver Island? OR Describe a favourite memory about growing up on Vancouver Island.

Include photos (max. 5) or video (max 30 secs.)  Please keep responses to 200 words or less (total).

Each month, a $100 gift certificate for Country Grocer will be awarded to a contributor.

For the 150 days until Canada Day, CHEK will feature one new person’s personal story each day on CHEK News at 5, and the website. Find even more stories by going to the Your Country, Your Stories Facebook page. CHEK will profile one person’s story each week on CHEK News at 5 p.m.

Canada 150